Witches Brew Ghost Tours Bring Historical Tales To Life

As the sun sets below the horizon and the streets get dark, an eery mist creeps over the old French quarter section of the city as the specters from decades of New Orleans history emerge. Some people say they can see the spirit of Marie Laveau, the legendary voodoo priestess who intrigued many with her charms and spells. To this day, people place gifts by her tomb in return for favors. Or maybe Jean Lafitte, the renowned pirate, has startled a tourist or two. If you have the stamina to seek a bone chilling ordeal,  New Orleans haunted tours just may give you the ghostly experience that you may be looking for.

This ghost tour brings to life the tales of New Orleans supernatural past, as you are led along by lamplight thru the French Quarter’s historic and mysterious streets and alleyways where these lively spirits roam.

The intriguing folklore of historic New Orleans will keep you on edge, as you experience the chilling ordeals of the inhabitants of yesteryear. If you want to feel the spirits that still linger in the realm of vintage New Orleans after dark, you will want to participate in Witches Brew Tours for unusual historical stories that you may find frightening as well as fascinating.